Announcing the 2010 TILE-SIG Challenge!Using Cool Tools to Enhance Literacy Learning
To ring in the new decade, we challenge you to take the plunge and begin using at least one interactive online tool with students in your classroom.
You can use this tool in any way that builds literacy, content knowledge, or motivation. If you succeed, you and your project will be featured in an upcoming newsletter!


Here is how you can meet this challenge!
1. Register as a TILE-SIG member if you have not already. Click here to learn how.
2. Explore any of the interactive resources listed on our Cool Tools page.
3. Use this particular resource in your classroom, either as a teaching tool or directly with students.
4. Create and share a product of your work by uploading the file to our wikispace or linking to your product at your own online location.
5. Sign your name to your contribution on the wikispace and send Julie Coiro an email at to announce your entry.
6. Julie will check that your entry can be viewed by others and then feature your accomplishments in an upcoming newsletter.

Together, we can transform literacy and learning into something quite exciting!