Award Winners of Technology and Literacy Related Awards Affiliated with the International Literacy Association

Computers in Reading Research Award

This award is given by the TILE-SIG to honor reading researchers who have made a significant contribution to research related to classroom literacy instruction and technology integration. Award winners are announced at the annual TILE-SIG session at IRA and present their research the following year at the SIG session.

Past winners include:

ILA Presidential Award for Reading and Technology

This award honors educators in grades K-12 who are making an outstanding and innovative contribution to the use of technology in education. Each year, there is one grand prize winner and seven U.S. regional winners. All entrants must be educators who work directly with students ages 5-18 for all or part of the working day. For more information, visit the IRA award website.

Grand prize winners include:
  • 1999: Jay C. Stailey, Principal, Bales Intermediate School in Texas
  • 2000: Irene Huschak, Altoona Area High School, Altuna, Pennsylvania
  • 2001: Patty Taverna and Terry Hongell, Teachers at Pocantico Elementary School, Pocantico, New York
  • 2002: Denise Zacherl, Academic Enrichment Teacher, Summerville, South Carolina
  • 2003: Deborah B. Wasylik, Biology Teacher, Dr. Phillips High School, Orlando Florida
  • 2005: Joan Zaremba, Scott Rhoades, Thomas Dzicek, and Carla Kennedy
  • 2006: Andrew Schofield, Newton Learning Center, British Columbia, Canada
  • 2007: Larry Ferlazzo, English Teacher, Luther Burbank High School, Sacramento, California
  • 2008: Carol Greig, District trainer and technology coach, Eugene School District, Eugene, Oregon (Podcasting for Struggling Readers)
  • 2009: Kelly Killorn, 6th grade Reading Teacher, Olson Middle School, Bloomington, Minnesota
  • 2010: Travis Macy, Denver Academy (serving students with learning differences) in Denver, Colorado (Old Tricks, New Look: Using Technology to Reach the Zone of Promixal Development in the Milennial Literacy Classroom). Macy (visit his teacher page) is a teacher at Denver Academy and teaches English, literature, algebra, character education, and study skills. Denver Academy serves students who have learning differences. He is particularly interested in the connections between technology, literacy, and the “millennial generation,” a term popularly applied to students born and raised in the age of the Internet. The IRA award specifically recognizes Macy’s project "Old Tricks, New Look: Using Technology to Reach the Zone of Proximal Development in the Millennial Literacy Classroom," which uses technology to provide a multi-faceted approach with multiple entry points and varied opportunities for his students to show what they know in the classroom. A graduate of the University of Colorado, Macy is currently pursuing a master's degree in curriculum and instruction at California Coast University.
  • 2011:

Miss Rumphius Award Winners
This award follows an article in The Reading Teacher and "reprinted" in Reading Online that explores “The Miss Rumphius Effect,” a phenomenon taking place on the Internet as teachers enact new visions for literacy and learning through the curriculum they create and share with others. Members of the RTEACHER listserv nominate sites and post their nominations to the list. In order to receive a Miss Rumphius Award, at least two other members of the list must second the nomination. To learn more about the criteria for this award, visit the IRA Miss Rumphius website.

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