2015 Technology Institute
Transforming Technology Integration through Online InquiryPre-Conference Technology Institute International Literacy AssociationSt. Louis, MO ~ Friday, July 17, 2015 Co-Chairs: Denise Johnson and Julie B. Wise
Institute Handout: https://goo.gl/KQB9QI

Opening Conversations: Please use this Google Doc to collaboratively share your questions, key points, and Ah Ha Moments:https://goo.gl/j9gy0K
What does online inquiry mean to you?
Share examples of online inquiry.

Morning Keynote Presentation:
Personal Inquiry and Online Research: Connecting Learners In Ways That MatterDr. Julie Coiro, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
external image photo.jpgJulie is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at the University of Rhode Island and also works closely with the New Literacies Research Team at the University of Connecticut. Julie speaks nationally and internationally about her research in reading comprehension instruction, the new literacies of the Internet, and effective practices for technology integration and professional development. She can be reached by email: jcoiro@snet.net and you can read some of Julie's recent articles here.

Institute Presentation Handouts and Related Resources
Title of Presentation
Handouts/Related Resources
Beth Dobler
Morning Session (10:15 - 11:10)
Charting Your Own Course: Inquiry and Interactive Multimedia e-Books / e-Textbooks
Slideshare link for presentation:
Julie B. Wise
Morning Session (10:15 - 11:10)
Teaching Evidence-Based Argument as a Process of Inquiry
Power Point presentation:
Laura Beltchenko
Morning Session (11:25 - 12:20)
Student Research and Inquiry with Teacher Communication and Collaboration
Blendspace Link for Presentation:
Peggy Coyne &
Alyssa Boucher
Morning Session (11:25 - 12:20)
Universal Design for Learning: Leveling the Challenge for All Students

Peggy Coyne &
Alyssa Boucher
Roundtable 1:
Universal Design for Learning
Handout will be posted at end of Institute after participants
have shared their ideas
Colin Harrison
Roundtable 2:
The MESH Guide to Spelling: A resource for every teacher

Julie Coiro
Roundtable 3:
Digital Scaffolds for Reading and Writing Argumentative TextsOnline Inquiry Tool
Explanation and Examples

Research Paper with findings from pilot study:

Jennifer Boyle
Roundtable 4:
Digital Tools: Changing the Game in Language-Literacy Learning!

Bridget Dalton
Roundtable 5:
Developing Word Knowledge and Interest through Student-created Vocabulary Videos

Denise Johnson
Roundtable 6:
Reader’s Response

Beth Dobler
Cool Tip 7:
Interactive Multimedia e-Books

Laura Beltchencko
Cool Tip 8:
A Digital Tool that Changed my Teaching!

Ruth Stubbs
Cool Tip 9:
Using Subtext to Foster Close Reading of Digital Texts
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  2. Enter this RPID: RPTDQA-12XL

Lisa Womack
Cool Tip 10:
Mark Davis
Cool Tip 11:
Infogram: Reading and Creating Infographics